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If you are looking to have the perfect body or just want a slimmer silhouette than you have now, Apollo TriPollar may be your answer. In many cases, diet and exercise alone are not enough to get rid of unwanted weight and extra inches, and plastic surgery is not only dangerous, but it is also extremely expensive and painful with a lot of downtime.

Not offered at any other office in the Houston area, Radiance Medspa's Apollo TriPollar is the world's most advanced radio frequency technology, internationally touted as the most effective alternative to  cosmetic surgery for its effective and painless treatment of cellulite, fat, circumferencial reduction, sagging skin, wrinkles and the ability to tone and tighten skin on both the face and the body.  This treatment is quick, painless, safe and effective on all skin types and colors.  What's more, no one would be the wiser knowing that you had the procedure done to tighten up the flabby areas of the body.

Patients benefit from both visible immediate and long-term results. The immediate effects include a smoother, tightened appearance and texture of the skin. Most clients realize the desired outcome at the conclusion of a full treatment course—a recommended 6-10 sessions—with a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, body contouring and lifting of the treatment area, and improved tone and texture.

In addition to the FDA approval of the Apollo for treatment of mild to moderate facial wrinkles, this 30-minute, no-downtime procedure is CE approved and proven for circumferential, fat and cellulite reduction and has become the treatment of choice internationally for these non-invasive body contouring applications.

The safety and efficacy of TriPollar treatments have been proven in multiple clinical studies and published in eight peer reviewed articles. A recent U.S. clinical study showed a 97% improvement following a full series of treatments, and 100% of the patients reported that they were satisfied with their results.

The Apollo treatment is a very effective and safe answer for regions of the body that are difficult to tone such as the butt, outer and inner thighs, upper and lower abdomen, oblique abdomen, upper arms, chin and neck, and any other area where you find fat or cellulite loss to be especially difficult to attain through exercise and diet alone.

Through Apollo, it is now possible to eliminate fat and cellulite without the expense, pain, long recovery or significant risks of plastic surgery.

Apollo TriPollar

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