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Exclusive to Radiance Medspa, the Perfector® provides the ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift. Perfector is the only computerized device that utilizes nano-technology to restore youthful freshness. It works through cell regeneration and resonance, giving you tightened, lifted skin without the pain, downtime or expense of plastic surgery.

Perfector is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation technology that builds new tissue, lifts sagging muscles, and purifies and detoxifies your skin so that it glows with health. Perfector's differing wavelengths and high definition signals trigger the skin's cells to cause them to form the desired sculpture and lift. 

Perfector has revolutionized cosmetic aesthetic facial services by offering a healthy alternative to anti-aging. It offers 9 different programs for the best possible benefits for your skin:
     - Oxygenation - improves blood circulation
     - Regeneration - significantly reduces wrinkles and lines while boosting collagen and elastin production
     - Lift - amps up skin renewal and repair, firms and lifts sagging muscles
     - Sculpting - enhances inter-muscular connectivity to sculpt facial features and balances the PH of the skin to promote the skin's overall health
     - Firming - reduces sun damage and hyperpigmentation, heals rosacea, shrinks pore size and reduces inflammation and edema
     - Rejuvenation - freshens the skin, increasing the natural glow
     - Deep Cleansing - purifies and clarifies skin, kills acne causing bacteria 
     - Detox - eliminates metabolic waste, initiates lymphatic drainage and reduces dark circles and puffiness
     - Ionization - intensifies the absorption of skin nourishing products

Radiance Medspa's Perfector delivers eye-popping results of a facelift with no pain, discomfort or downtime.