Body Services

Radiance Medspa

Radiance Medspa offers the most medically and technicologically advanced body treatment programs specially developed to improve your health, body shape and image, and overall wellness.

Our professional body-focused services address issues such as fat and cellulite reduction, inch loss, body sculpting and toning, excess weight reduction, hormonal balancing, unwanted hair removal and vein reduction, to name a few.  All of our treatments at Radiance are focused on helping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and treating conditions of the skin and body that may cause you discomfort and unhappiness.

Some of the specialized treatments that we offer include:
     - Apollo TriPollar Fat and Cellulite Reduction and Skin Tightening
     - Arasys Body Sculpting Treatments
     - Hand Rejuvenation Therapy
     - i-LIPO Ultra Laser Fat Reduction and Body Contouring
     - Laser Hair Removal
     - Lipotropic Vitamin and Weight Loss Injections

     - Medical Weight Loss Programs

     - Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

For beautiful skin from head to toe, Radiance is also happy to provide our skin services for all areas of the body and every skin condition. These services can improve the appearance and healthy functioning of the skin on your entire body.

At Radiance Medspa, we can help you to become a more healthy, youthful you from top to bottom, both inside and out.

 Appointments Available Tuesday through Saturday  - Please call us at (713) 252-7084 to schedule your visit