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Radiance Medspa is proud to offer Vibraderm, the most effective and comfortable dermabrasion technology available today. The Vibraderm system of removing the surface skin layers delivers a more even result than standard microdermabrasion in a safer, more effective procedure. This exfoliation process utilizes abrasive paddles that gently vibrate on the skin, removing dead skin cells while stimulating the dermis to produce new cell growth and collagen, creating healthier skin.

Vibraderm reduces the appearance of fine lines, age spots, acne scars and sun damage in a precise, controlled procedure performed by the clinical staff at Radiance Medspa. The techniques practiced by our skilled clinicians allow multiple layers of damaged dermis to be removed evenly with very little chance of irritation. In addition, the varying paddle sizes allow precise treatment of any body area, from the folds on the side of the nose to the larger areas of the back and legs.

Every treatment will have you leaving the spa looking radiant & revived with fresh, glowing skin and additional benefits of the stimulation of new collagen growth will begin in as little as three treatments.


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